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Our Ales

Shottle Farm Brewery was launched 2011 ahead of a move to Handley Farm, also in the village, in September 2013. 

We usually have one beer on cask available at the bar and 2 or 3 different bottled.  We also have 3 bottle presentation packs that are available to purchase and make fantastic gifts.







Shottle Gold

Shottle Gold ale is a premium golden bitter using pale malt, wheat and First Gold hops to produce a clean, golden refreshing drink. Floral aroma and a fruity hint of citrus lemon. Easy on the palette, crisp and a clean white head. 4.3 ABV

Shottle Cock

A single malt beer with a healthy dose of Fuggles hops, our own spring water, and next door’s honey; making a delightful session beer. Created from an old Victorian recipe for Breakfast beer.  3.6 ABV. 


Our 2013 award winning Dilks is made with British malt and hops, our own spring water and next doors honey, Dilks has a slight sweetness and lovely hop balance from First Gold and Goldings hops.  A lovely smooth, mature beer with a hint of citrus. 5.0 ABV.

Black Peggy
Shottle Pale Ale

Mid bodied pale ale with a soft hoppy hit and is brewed using our own spring water and next door’s honey with a little taste of citrus tangerine. A premium pale ale brewed with first gold hops. 4.0 ABV


Winner of a Great Taste Award 2013 in partnership with Croots Farm Shop. Brewed using chocolate malt Black Peggy is a smooth, easy drinking oatmeal stout. A lovely mouth feel and not at all heavy is a cross-over genre between a mild and a stout porter. This lovely oatmeal stout leaves you with a warm glow and happy as a pig in muck! 3.9 ABV. - Not currently available.










8/- Shilling 

A rich, dark beer.  Smooth and malty.  Full bodied, pleasant after taste with undertones of treacle and caramel. The 8/- shilling is a dig at the chancellor; 8/- equates to about 40p, which is the beer duty paid per pint before it leaves the farm. 4.0 ABV. - Not currently available

BoB (Best of Both)

One to tempt the lager drinkers B.O.B (Best of Both) is our version of a real lager.  B.O.B has the sparkle and zing of a lager with the fuller flavour of a real ale.  With a lovely delicate aroma and grassy notes, spiced after taste, B.O.B is a perfect balance of a lager ale.

4.0 ABV.


Fuddled Farmer

Pale copper in colour this double India Pale Ale has an exquisite citrus flavour with a grapefruit and orange aroma.  The inital sweetness and full body are balanced by a lasting citrus bitter finish.

7.4 ABV. - Not currently available.



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